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A Golden Dino 206 – Nocciola!

August 29, 2012

The Dino 206 is in color! And may I be specific? A stunning gold color called Nocciola Metallazzato. A very rare color. According to Matthias Bartz’s Dino Compendium, there were two Nocciola colors – there was a deep gold and a lighter gold. This one is the deep gold, which they painted only a few selected Dinos. Fewer yet of the 206’s. It was one of Pininfarina’s favorite colors. Matthias sent us a color chip, which had to be specially matched in order to get the color correct.

The car is coming along great and will certainly turn a few heads when rubber hits the road. We had to apply seven coats of base coat to achieve the correct color match. It sat over night in the spray booth. The next morning we color sanded the base coat and applied two more color coats to be certain the metallic was even and the falloff was correct. Then we applied four coats of clear.  Base coating twice really makes the metallic pop – not like some jobs that look like cleared over popcorn or cottage cheese looking metallic. This metallic lays great and there’s a depth to the car’s surface. We hope to have it completely color sanded and rubbed out by next week.

Fittingly, the color of the car is a tribute to the owner’s last name.

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