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Clients bring me their cars – their pride & joy; the first car they ever drove; their “baby” — and ask me to restore them. These people are looking for more than a color change or a brightening of the existing color. They are looking for a Sunday drive, a Saturday morning car show, a cruise down the coast. They are looking forward to driving their car. They don’t want their car sitting in some guy’s shop for a year and a half collecting dust. They want someone to move it through the process so they can drive it!

Who better to work on your “baby” than someone with more than three decades of experience blocking, priming, painting, sanding and buffing? Whether you want to brighten up the finish, change the color or get ready for a Concours d’ Elegance my studio can give you what you want so that you can begin to enjoy driving and sharing that “baby” with others. I mean let’s face it, it’s all about the camaraderie with others and your story behind the car.




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