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My Art

Automotive Art, Barrel Art

I’ve taken my surfacing and painting techniques to creative and unique canvases. From sheet metal to oil barrels. Whether you see a formal tuxedo jacket on a hangar or a symbol for recycling and green energy I hope you enjoy My Art.


My art work is always done on sheet metal “canvases”. Most are finished in recycled material with automotive paint. I’m currently working on a series of abstracts. They are very unique in many ways and ¬†capture the viewer’s attention for quite some time. It intrigues me to hear what people see in my art. I will be posting some finished pieces soon.

Board Kaleidescope

An Artist at Work

IMG_3357 IMG_3360 IMG_3362

  1. Steve has the touch. These pieces will someday be in a museum. Lot’s of Love. Gs

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