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Performance Driving

Performance Driving

I’ve been a performance driver for television commercials and a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) since 1984. I’ve worked on hundreds of locations with dozens of producers, directors, art directors, ad agencies and manufacturers throughout my driving career.

VIDEO:  Steve Kouracos Performance Driving


Jeep Grand Cherokee — 2013

I had the great privilege to drive for the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee campaign of several commercials.  I worked with a great group of talented people … the client, director, producer, cameramen… the entire crew was incredibly gifted, professional, and a real joy to work with.

Check out this awesome vehicle in the video link below. Better yet… kick the tires and go on a test drive at your local Jeep dealer.

Jeep Grand Cherokee


Mercedes Benz — 2012

Five day performance driving gig in Southern California for Mercedes Benz.

In addition to driving I also provide logistics and stunt coordination services as well as perform as an extra, when time permits.

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  1. QC Cars George- Huntington Beach, Ca permalink

    6/22/2012 I met Steve about 2 years ago, and I can personally say that his attention to detail is superb! I contracted him to paint a client’s car for me last year, and it is truly amazing! I have been in business of auto repair and restoration for 30+ years, and I can say that Steve is the man! I am finishing the 51 “Shoebox” Ford right now, and can’t wait to see the look on my Client’s face! Steve is a “straight up” guy and communicates with his clients regularly as needed. He is truly the “Paint Guru” AKA Surface King! I just left his shop a little while ago, and am always amazed at his current projects! I will absolutely have more cars painted by Steve.

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