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Clenet Restorations

In 1976 I joined Clenet Coachworks as its third employee. I was hired by Alain Clenet to help set up production of the Series I and to plan the body and paint department. I grew so much in my career while working at Clenet Coachworks. It was such an honor to work with Alain and the entire team of craftsmen that built these cars.

Owners of Clenets are a proud and select group of people. They cherish these hand-built cars as do I. They claim to be “informal” but they’re organized enough to have a website. Lately, I’ve been sprucing up some Clenet owners’ cars including The Williams Family Series I and Alain Clenet’s Series I. Cars I’ve worked on have been featured at many shows and events around the country. The most recent events that featured Clenets included the Desert Classic Concours d’ Elegance in Palm Desert, CA and the 35th Clenet Anniversary at the Santa Barbara Concours d’ Elegance where Alain Clenet and a band of Clenet owners and their coaches were featured.

I encourage Clenet owners — or those interested in owning one of these fine cars — to contact me with any questions.

  1. Scott Mas permalink

    Steve Kouracos was the original Coach Builder of the Clenet Roadster I . Then in bombed with restoration of them. How could I find out if you rebuilt mine 137/250. I would like to know if you could help find replacement parts for the 137.
    I look forward in communicating with you. Thank You, Scott Mas

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