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A Part Of Me Went To Pebble Beach

August 31, 2012

I have the best job. Seriously. I do what I really love. I create art. I work on some of the most remarkable cars in the world. And occasionally I work along with some of the most amazing people.

Like recently, I had the great fortune to meet Kurt Delimon. He has a BMW 3.0 cs, which he brought me from the Bay Area to refurbish a couple months back. Kurt was referred to me by Shawn Hanson, another 3.0 cs owner and a client of mine from the San Francisco area.

Beau and I worked our magic and turned out a great end result.  It was an earlier restoration with a poor paint job. Kurt did not want to go into another complete paint job so we took the other option and color sanded and rubbed out the car complete, color matched the car and repaired and re-painted only the panels that needed to be re-sprayed. After it was done it looked like we did a complete. Less time in the shop, saved him some money and got him back in his car so he could enjoy it.

Happy client. Actually happy clients… Kurt and Shawn left their wives at home and came down to Southern California to pick up Kurt’s car and road test it as they drove it back to the Bay Area. Great guys to work along with. They took interest in their cars and were involved in the project even from a distance.

Kurt took his car to the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance earlier this month. (Kinda’ feel like a little part of me went along). My son nd I had plans to go up to Pebble Beach with them but because of the Mercedes Benz shoot I was called on the plans changed. Although he didn’t have it judged he did show it with great response and he did have a chance to take a few nice shots. Thanks for the photos Kurt!

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