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Performance Driving Mercedes Benz 2013

August 24, 2012

I sure enjoyed spending five days of my summer driving the new 2013 Mercedes Benz C-Class, the new SL 550, and the new 6.3 for a film shoot to produce a video brochure for Mercedes dealerships. These cars are masterpieces in engineering and superb high-performance vehicles. It was a treat to drive them.

The new SL is considered “Super Light”, which helps a lot with the performance. Handling  on all the vehicles  – tire to road – was like driving on fly paper. Check out some of the photos from the five day shoot on my Performance Driving page.

I enjoyed working with Merkley + Partners’ Senior Producer, Erik Iversen as well as world renown director, Richard De Aragues. The pursuit team from Shelly Ward Enterprises brought a lot to the show to make it all happen as well as their A+ car prep!

  1. Robert Charles Warren Jr. permalink

    Watch out for the helicopters. I am glad to hear you are driving, that has to be cool.

  2. Dawn Van Nornam permalink

    Looks like you had a great time!

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