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Congratulations Beau!

July 25, 2013

Two years ago I hired a young man straight out of WyoTech Automotive Program to be my apprentice. I guess I felt that at nearly 60 years old I wanted to be sure to pass on my techniques, experience, and “trade secrets” to someone who really wanted to know the craftsmanship behind body surfacing and the art of paint restoration. Beau Van Nornam has proven to be more than a fine young man.  His work ethic mirrors that of the artisans of old who so loved their work… in two years he has never been late or called in sick! That has something to say about his upbringing I’m sure but it also says a lot about the type of man he is.

He is a pleasure to work with and I couldn’t ask for a better right-hand man. At 21 years old, Beau has great potential to be a top-rate surfacer and custom automotive painter. Keep your eye on this fellow!

Congratulations Beau for two great years! … And hopefully many more to come!!


Beau Van Nornam prepping for paint.


Beau Van Nornam…one proud helper


Beau Van Nornam… very helpful in the booth.

  1. Marco permalink

    Getting close to 60????? you dont look a day over 50 Steve. It must the the passion for the job you do that keeps you looking young. Beau is gifted to have a master craftsman like yourself as his teacher. Take care

  2. Dale VanNornam permalink

    That’s my Boy!

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