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Blue Dino “Barn Find” Final Detail & Delivery

July 25, 2013

Here’s a few shots of the Blue Dino “Barn Find” as we did its final detail and delivery to Jon G’s shop. On our way down to Escondido we pulled off at a vista point near Camp Pendleton Marine Corp Base where we caught a glimpse of some tank exercises. The Pacific Ocean along with the tanks proved to be a great back drop to the Blue Dino profile. The bumper mounts almost look like machine gun barrels from a 007 movie. I’m sure we scared them off.


Blue Dino “Barn Find” facing off a Marine Corp Tank


Blue Dino “Barn Find” getting his final shower before hitting the road.


Blue Dino “Barn Find” taking on a Marine Corp tank.


Blue Dino “Barn Find” next to his kissing cousin.


Blue Dino “Barn Find” delivered safely to Jon G’s garage for reassembly.

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  1. Beautifull photos, color and car.

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