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Dino Door Re-installation

December 13, 2012

Getting the Dino doors ready to re-install takes time. Anyone that has done this job knows the front filler rubber can be a bear to get in on some cars.

During the paint prep for the jams, the channel where you slide the rubber in must be stripped so you can allow as much room as possible for the rubber to slide in easily. At that stage you can take a tool and open the channel a bit more to let the new rubber slide into it. The problem lies with the reproduction rubber; it is a little too big. The edge of the rubber that you slide into the groove on the door has two very small round rubber pipings molded into the rubber. Take a razor blade, and by clamping one end of the rubber to a table, you can carefully trim one of the rubber pipings off the rubber then sand the edge with 150 sandpaper smooth. Then liquid soap the channel and the new rubber will slide right in.


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