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Jammin’ On Door Jams!

December 10, 2012


3M makes a great tape… a little expensive but it sure saves a lot of time and guarantees that it will be easier to pull and won’t leave any marks. We use 3M low tack tape to get a tight seal and protect from any over spray or damage to the new paint before the doors get re-installed. The Dino door hing slots should already be cleaned or reamed for over sized pins if needed before the doors go in for the last time. This Dino’s door hinges and original pins were in great shape and fit just right.

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  1. Frank Darkangelo permalink

    One of these days I will have to see one of your totally finished cars. They must be something really special! The detail that you go thru to complete the refurbishment of these cars would make there namesake (Dino Ferrari) proud, Frank

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