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Fabricating Missing Dino Parts

July 27, 2012

This rare Dino 206 came to us with several parts missing including the front and rear bumpers as well as the inner bumper bracketry; the Dino badge and the badge indentation on the front nose; and the rear deck lid button. Special attention was given to fabricating the missing items as well as research to find rare, hard-to-find parts.

The first thing we tackled was the internal bumper brackets and housings to mount new bumpers. We fabricated and duplicated bumper bracketry using a template from another client’s Dino 206. Beau welded the fabricated bumper bracketry into place. The owner bought new bumpers, which we installed and fitted.

  1. Great Job! Looking forward to the finished product!

  2. Dale permalink

    You guys are the best ! Keep up the good work.

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