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New Jaguar Enhancements

July 20, 2012

It’s hard to improve on a beautiful new Jaguar XK but a good friend and client entrusted his new Jaguar to me to make some suggestions about enhancing its appearance. I gave him a few of my ideas and the next thing I know he’s given me full rein on his new set of wheels.

And wheels were part of what we ended up doing…


We prepped and painted the wheels a gorgeous graphite gray/black. They’re now a very unique satin finish — not shiny but matte finished —  making the car look lean and mean.

We also tinted the windows, took the chrome off, lowered the car, and color sanded and rubbed out the original factory paint. Along with a few other enhancements we turned this new car into a distinctive and dazzling driving machine. The client loves the new look! It certainly is a head-turner.

One Comment
  1. Tasty, Smart and as always a simple elegant formula that improves. Gs

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