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Stripping Begins

The stripping of the Dino 206 SP is well underway with more than half the car completed. Labor intensive but the only way to see how the metal is doing under all the paint and the best way to prepare the surface for its new paint. We’re hand stripping 90% of the material because if it were to be sent to the media blaster it would result in lots of damage to the aluminium and many, many hours to repair.


Dino 206 SP Arrival

This Dino 206 SP has seen the track a few times in its lifetime! It’s in the shop now for a little work. This fine replica was built in 1985 by Norwood. They built two 206 SPs and about a dozen Dino P4s. It was built for a Ferrari collector in Chicago and was later sold to another Chicago collector before being purchased by our client. Follow us as we work to restore the surface and body on this beauty.

Black Beauty Rolls

After working on mostly classic Italian sports cars over the past few years Steve and Beau are working on our latest restoration, which dwarfs a Dino. This Rolls Royce Corniche has a surface area that is nearly double that of a Dino Ferrari and the height of it is almost twice as high as a Lamborghini Miura. Regardless of the size of this classic luxury car the results to the finish couldn’t be finer.

See for yourself in these photos. Make note of the “special” technique Steve is using as he buffs the roof.



In The News

12279162_565073173631290_8267109088210955301_n (1)

Imagine my surprise when I was asked by Automobile Magazine reporter Ronald Ahrens to be interviewed for an article about the Clenet for his article on neoclassic cars in the magazine’s January 2016 issue. I was even more surprised when I saw the article. It’s a great story about neoclassic cars and most especially about the Clenet – a car I had the great pleasure of working on in my youth.

I hope you have a chance to pick up an Automobile Magazine. The January issue is already on newsstands.

Ferrari Dino 246s – Blue Chiarro Dino Photos

We had a brief moment of time before the Blue Chiarro Dino was shipped off to its owner in order to take a few photos. It turned out great!

IMG_0016 IMG_0009 IMG_9998 IMG_9991 IMG_9988 IMG_9987 IMG_9979 IMG_9969

Ferrari Dino 246 GT – Blu Chiaro Metallizzato

Some updated photos of this beauty. I love this original color.


Ferrari Dino 246 GT – Blu Chiaro


Just pulled this Ferrari Dino 246 GT out of the spray booth. This original Blu Chiaro is a most gorgeous, vibrant and stunningly beautiful color. This photo was taken before we color sanded and buffed the car. I’ll post more when it’s reassembled.

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