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Miura In Third Primer, Final Fit and Finish

October 20, 2014

The Miura is steamrolling toward paint! We got it in its third and final primer last week as well as its final fit and finish stage. After four blockings we are more than ready to get a little color on this beauty. The color has been selected.

Miura 3rd Primer 2 Miura 3rd Primer

  1. You are the best in your industry 🙂 Can’t to see the finished product!

  2. Elias Amiouni permalink

    Looking good Steve, I hope its the Verde Miura or the orange! Will have to wait and see:)

    • Elias, hope all is well with you! The Miura is going orange. But since it is a very early car #7. It is a very different orange… almost like a Russo Dino color. They only did two Miura this color… then they change to the more popular orange color.
      My Dino is coming along quite well. Check out
      I hope you are putting some miles on your beauty.

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