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My Favorite Tool Revealed

October 16, 2013

Well, many of you have spent countless hours contemplating what my favorite and most used tool might be. I’m sure you’ve stayed up late pondering whether it would be one of the many sanding blocks or buffing pads; could it be as simple as sandpaper or one of the power tools that are necessary in my trade.

Your wondering stops right now…. My favorite, most often used tool… the tool I couldn’t work without is the humble, unassuming but essential…. wooden stir stick!!!

That’s right, a wooden stir stick! It’s the ideal tool to…

  • mix paint
  • block in tight spots
  • shim temporarily
  • brace
  • scrape
  • scratch (our backs)
  • eat with (when we forget our utensils)
  • detail in tight places

There are many types of stir sticks including bamboo, pine, plastic, aluminum but I personally like the regular wooden stir sticks you get for free at any hardware or paint store.

The versatile stir stick

The versatile stir stick

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