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Dino Poster

June 5, 2013
Blue Dino 246 GT Poster

Blue Dino 246 GT Poster

Around the end of last year I had professional photos taken and a high resolution poster designed of one of my favorite projects for one of my favorite clients. This framable poster is of Jon Gunderson’s Dino 246 GT and is the result of a small but formidable group of people coming together to create a beautiful piece of Dino art. Much thanks to Alex Gorbenko for his design and eye for detail, Tony Bird, Jr. for his amazing photography, and my wife, Carolyn, for her project management and concept!  We’ll be doing a small run of about 50 next month. If you’re interested in buying a print for $75 (+ shipping and handling), please contact me with your address, phone number, and email address and I’ll add you to the list of interested Dino lovers!

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