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“Barn Find” Dino Gets A Nose Job

March 16, 2013

Introducing “Barn Find” Dino.  My apologies for not making the introduction sooner. Back in January I picked up a silver Dino for a new client. The client lives and works on the East Coast but wanted the Dino restored out here in California. My portion of the job would entail the metal work, surfacing and painting. The new owner wants the car to go “Dino Blue”.

Jon G did an amazing job in taking the Dino apart. He had it media blasted and mounted on a rotisserie — giving us the optimum platform to do our metal work, surfacing and painting. The media blasting revealed a little unexpected rust and damage but nothing we couldn’t handle. It was minimal.

Since getting this Dino in the shop we’ve primarily been focusing on the needed metal work. Attila Vecsernyes is the metal-man who is doing the work. He’s new to our shop but certainly not new to metal fabrication work. He is a Hungarian craftsman who is a magician when it comes to working on sheet metal. He’s doing some amazing work!

This Dino needed a little “work” on its nose. So, we cut the old rusted and damaged nose out and then TIG welded the new nose in and we’re now ready to metal finish the seam.  We’re almost done with the nose and we’ll soon be moving on to the rockers.

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