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A Month’s Recap of Miura Progress!

February 27, 2013

We’ve been hard at work on the Miura along with the two Dinos we have in the shop. Obviously, I’ve been more focused on working on the cars than on the blog. So, pardon me for giving you the 50 cent tour of the past 36 days but hopefully it will give you a good idea of the work we’ve done and an even better overview of the progress of the Miura.

One of the first things we tackled was seam sealing the chassis. This effort is important as it prevents moisture from getting into the seams of the chassis and creating rust issues down the road. We seam sealed the entire chassis, doors, and eventually the front and rear clips.

Seam Sealer Miura Chassis Seam Sealed

Once the seam sealing was completed we primed the entire chassis. Having the chassis mounted on a rotisserie give us a great platform  from which to work. It allows for ease of movement and makes spraying primer nearly effortless…. well, okay it’s still a lot of work!

Miura Primer Detail Miura 1st Primer Miura 1st Primer

Beau inspecting with his light areas that may need a little more primer. Yes the rotisserie helps… but you can only imagine by looking at the chassis it’s not easy to get good coverage first time.

Miura 1st Primer

After the first primer was applied and dried I went over the car again to apply yet another round of seam sealer. I first mark areas of concern to be sealed and then the application process begins. Since these cars were gas welded together you will see little pin holes that are much more noticeable after the first coat of primer is sprayed. These now will get filled with the same material.

Miura 2nd Seam Sealer Miura 2nd Seam Sealer Miura 2nd Seam Sealer

You will see in the above photo the factory gas welds have small pin holes that get filled with the seam sealer on the second round. It is structurally sound but we just don’t want moisture to set in. After the second round of seam sealer we then primer everything again. It really turns out nice.

Miura Chassis Ready for 2nd Primer Miura Door Seam Sealer

In the above photos you will see the original spot welds. They will not be filled but will be noticeable after paint — to keep originality.

Miura Door Seam Sealer Miura Door Seam Sealer

The next step is to re-primer then we will fit the front and rear clips. After the second round of priming is completed I will post more photos so you will be able to see the differences.

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