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Oro Kelso Dino — Surface and Paint Finished!

January 16, 2013

It’s always a great feeling to finish a paint job and send it off for final assembly. But it’s even better when we get them back for final detail after they’ve been reassembled. I really can’t wait to get this one back. It’s going to be a stunning Dino! Remember, this is a Pininfarina Special Colour. There were only three painted Oro Kelso from the factory. As far as we know, of the three, one Oro Kelso is now painted red and is somewhere in the U.S.; it’s uncertain where one of the three is located; and then there is the Oro Kelso Dino we just finished!



One Comment
  1. Bob B permalink

    Stevie, you are the master. Love seeing the work.
    Best regards from the frigid North!

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