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Oro Kelso Dino Final Paint

January 4, 2013

After reviewing the Oro Kelso Dino outside in the sunlight, I decided to re-block sand and re-clear the car. We finished it last week and now I’m really happy with the way it turned out. It had too  much paint wave/orange peel and by block sanding it in 800 wet it eliminated paint wave and orange peel considerably. Now, with a couple more coats of clear on it, it flowed flatter and a lot better and will gave me the depth I was looking for. It is critical to eliminate as much paint wave as possible before it’s color sanded and rubbed out.   It sure turned out more like an old lacquer job. It’s beautiful! I can’t wait to color sand and rub it out. I’ll be doing that next week and will post more photos after it gets rubbed out.


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  1. Donald Krevosh permalink

    Steve, Just Beeeeeautiful…Don

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