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What Lurks Beneath?…A Dino 246 Lower Rear Quarter Panel

November 14, 2012

Something was a bit suspicious when we saw the lower rear quarter panels with a thin skim coat of filler over bubbled rust. It seemed like someone was trying to hide something.  We could tell immediately that it had to come out. It wasn’t until we peeled back the metal that we saw what lurked beneath.

You can see here that we peeled the metal back to expose old patch jobs, some rust and gunk.

“Treasure!” Once the mess was fully exposed we found a tool from the last body man to work on this area of the car. I’m sure he’s still wondering where his box wrench went… Obviously this all gets cleaned up and new sheet metal is fabricated and installed.

Tucked inside the lower rear quarter panel was the “calling card” of the last place to fix the lower rear quarter.

Here’s our finished results. New sheet metal installed and seam sealed, then a coat of Wurth Stone Guard undercoat (great product but a little pricey).

As we all know, this area is dual paneled. So, for extra precaution and longer rust protection, we  plugged the outer factory drain hole at the bottom in the corner and poured a gallon of a rust preventative liquid material down inside, then pulled the plug and let it all drain out. I’ve never done that before but I think it may be my standard procedure from now on. It really worked well! It only makes sense that it would coat inside completely. I wish I had some photos to share with you of the procedure but… as I was taking photos my phone slipped down inside the panels and was submerged in rust preventative. I got my phone back but it was ruined and the photos were lost.

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