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Dino 206 GT In Primer

August 2, 2012

We’re in the second primer but we’re still in 150 Long Board Dry. This primer bakes in the spray booth for 40 minutes at 120 degrees and then it’s moved outside to cure further out in the Southern California sun. As the day goes on the primer cools down slowly with the outside temperature decreasing toward late afternoon. This all plays a role for minimal shrinkage. This primer stage really sets a good foundation for blocking and ultimately for the final paint surface.

This is the stage I really like because this is where it all comes together…where we fine tune shut gaps and surfaces. It’s also exciting because we are getting closer to color. Most painters would go to paint from here and be happy with the surface being straight but we’ll be going into another primer to make things flat…. there is a difference.

At this stage we’re using specially made 24″ – 32″ boards. These are specially made blocks with titanium rods so you can adjust the stiffness of the board for the sweeps and contours of the vehicle. For Dinos it’s REALLY important because there are no flat panels on the car. There’s nothing flat on these cars! Because of their design and the sheet metal used Dinos are one of the hardest cars to surface correctly. But it’s the curves and body lines of the Dino that make them so sexy!

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