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Dino 206: Another Dino Going Back To Original

June 18, 2012

This Dino was shipped to me from a gentleman out of the Fresno area. The older restoration had some … issues. Remember, it was cool to “shave” the car. I mean … removing bumpers, emblems, lights, door handles mirrors.. you know that was hip back when… maybe a ’51 Merc but not a 206 GT!

Now that all the fabricating and aluminum work is done the car is finally back to original specs. We have stripped the red paint and now we are re-blocking and surfacing the entire car. The original Cromodora knock-offs have been walnut-shelled, Allodined, etched primer and are now in epoxy primer. They won’t be painted until the car is finished. Just mounted the Michelin XWXs, which were original equipment on the 206 GT. It’s also going back to the original color (it’s not red!)

  1. Hi Steve

    I will enjoy following this one. You sure are busy which is great. Hope to catch up with you again!!! Sharrie

  2. Hi Steve, another challenging project, you d man! Can’t wait to see it finished. Also, a late Father’s Day greeting to you.

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