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Rosso Rubino Dino Delivered

April 19, 2012

What a labor of love to finish this Dino 246. Shipped back to Ohio on April 7 and now just waiting to hear from the owner. This Dino turned out really, really nice and will surely be a show piece. At the very least it will turn a few heads in Ohio!

  1. Bob Burnside permalink

    Wow, gorgeous car. I must say, I have been around the automotive block betweeen my own body shop in the early days, 21 years as a Buick Service rep/ service engineer, advertising and sales guy and 15 years as a car dealer so I know a bit about cars. My association with Steve K over the years has been fabulous and I know of no individual who is better suited to take on these kinds of projects than Steve. They are not for any novice or would be body/ paint man. They take someone like Steve who has been there and done that in the automotive world. Steve gets it done and if I had a stable of rare cars needing work, Steve would do it.

    Bob Burnside
    The Fireside Companies
    Dexter, Michigan

  2. Gretchen Bakamis permalink

    wow…not surprised it’s a work of art. Gretchen Bakamis

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