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Dino 246 GTS … In Color!

February 22, 2012

What a whirlwind the last couple weeks have been but we finally have it in color! And what a beautiful color it is. The owner went back to the original Dino color of Rosso Rubino Metallizato…stunning! We first had to lay color on the jams but prior to that we blocked the car complete… again! (400 wet and 600 wet).

After many hours of sanding and stripping the undercoat from underneath the parts I was thrilled to see some of the marks from the old craftsmen. Some of the old pick marks and hammer and dolly marks were revealed. I love to see stuff like this. It surely gives the car even more character. And I love the idea of keeping the patina…don’t you think it should stay?

Finally we head to the spray booth and set up for final inspection before base coat. My apprentice, Beau Van Nornam, spent about 90 minutes blowing and tacking the car off while I mixed the Rosso Rubino. Beau trimmed out the hard to reach places with his mini Sata that the big Sata Spray Gun can’t get to and then I spent the next few hours spraying color. 200 hours of prep work boils down to a seven hour paint day!

The color went on great! I really can’t wait to color sand and rub this baby out. I don’t think there will be a lot of color sanding needed though ‘cuz the clear went on so nicely and the entire job went so well. The metallic is even and has great depth.  Check out the Dino 246 GTS Project Page for more photos.

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