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Welcome To My Blog!

December 2, 2011

Artist, Restorations, Performance Driving

Thanks for stopping by. I’ve wanted to share my passion for automotive restoration with my clients, friends, family and all you car guys for a long time.

For those who don’t know me, I’m an automotive painter…or rather an automotive artist… been that for more than 30 years! I’ve worked with some of the best automotive designers and manufacturers in the world, I’ve had four different automotive paint shops, worked for two custom, hand-built car manufacturers and owned a business that specialized in automotive prep for car commercials. It was the work with the production companies and advertising agencies that gave rise to my performance driving career – I’ve been doing that since 1984 (I actually hold a Screen Actors Guild card!)

I paint cars. It’s my specialty and my passion.

Sometimes I feel like I was born with a spray gun in my hand…I’ve been doing it for so long I know the smell of properly mixed paint and hardener, know the feel of a perfect paint job before it’s buffed out, and I know what it takes to make a car surface shine like a brand new penny (it takes a lot of hard work). So, to say custom and classic cars are my passion would be an understatement. You see, I know these fabulous works of moving art like others know the starting lineup of the Chicago Bears (my hometown team by the way). I know what years had chrome bumpers, the difference between a Euro Dino and a domestic, the style changes of all the classic muscle cars and the lines of a Ferrari like the lines in my calloused hands.

After painting cars for more than three decades this blog is an opportunity to share with you my expertise and experiences. You’ll be able to watch as I make my way through my clients’ restoration projects and I’ll give you my special tips and tricks to maintaining your car. Eventually, I’ll give you a peek into my driving career and my art. I may even let you in on the restoration of my 1967 Dodge D200 Sweptside Pick-up Truck (a project that keeps me busy on Saturdays and an occasional week night). I hope to hear from you and I’m happy to answer any questions about automotive paint or surfacing.

  1. Donna Williams permalink

    I must say, you are a master craftsman Steve. Thanks for such a beautiful job on our Clenet!

  2. Hey Steve – Congrats on the new blog – look forward to seeing more of your great work! Exciting, huh?

  3. Tony Bird permalink

    Congratulations Steve, the blog looks great – you deserve it big guy!!

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